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Patients who have received prosthesis


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Thursday, 18 August 2016 00:00
Who is the best candidate deserving to receive a prosthetic limb ?
Any individual who needs a prosthetic limb and cannot get one because of financial difficulty.
Who should I contact ?
You can contact 'Syaid' in our head office or call us at 021-65309157 and 65309156. As an alternative, click on our contacts menu and call one of our social workers.
How long does it take ?
All we need to create a single prosthetic limb is just one day. We start in the morning for measurements and the limb will be ready to use in the evening. We will help you put it on and make sure you have the correct limb size.
How is the procedure ?
  • First step is the registration
  • Registration of identity and taking full body pictures and especially the body part that needs prosthetic limb to be evaluated by doctors.
  • A memo from local leaders stating that the individual is really under welfare. There will be a waiting time of about 2 weeks because this service is based on the queue in the list of registration.
How can I help ?
By spreading the words, you have helped our organization to achieve it's goals, reaching the needs who don't know about the help we provide. Send us e-mails and talk about the Limb for The Limbless project.
How did this movement started ?
Members of Sadhu Vaswani Center are the pioneers of this movement. Volunteers and social workers from our neighboring society lend their hands and help our noble work.
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Who is responsible for the limbless ?

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Jakarta Prosthetics
Orthotics Center
Jl. Agung Niaga IV Blok G5 No 17-19
Jakarta Utara
Telp : 021-65309156/57
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